Log feeder:

  • Trestle, Hedlund
  • Log feeder with top detection, turning and a step feeder
  • Metal detector ABB
  • BRUKS RR1200 foot milling cutter
  • Small sorting stations with a REMA2d scanner and 3 pockets

Sawing plant:

  • Cambio 66 peeler
  • HBS bark shredder 2017
  • Accumulation buffer step feeder
  • SAWCO 3D scanner (restored in 2012)
  • LI-2 log turner
  • ARI SKR 600
  • ARI KL-122
  • ARI BKR 600
  • ARIO DS74 +1 multi-saw

Half log line:

  • Paris Catech supply 2003
  • ARI KT52 half-logger

Chipper assembly:

  • ERJO disintegrator 2010
  • chip sieve

All connecting conveyors, PLC system restored as Siemens S7, line from 1999, equipment older than 1999, fully renovated, restored and retrofitted in 1999.

1 person per line (2, if a sorting assembly is used).

Without a sorting assembly, the annual productivity is 50 000 m3/year of final products per one 8 h shift. With a sorting assembly, the productivity can be increased.

The line is located in Sweden, not yet disassembled.

Price on demand.

Manufacturer: ARI VISLANDA (Sweden)
Price: pēc pieprasījuma EUR
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