Specification Pellets factory SPC 450:
  1. Hydraulic buckets for chip intake 200 x 5000 paddle sensor for right input. Hydraulic unit 3 kw, manufacturer Mekano Malung.
  2. U-screw 250 x 2500 mm with adjustable speed.
  3. Grinder with 6, 8 and 10 mm sieves. 11 kw with stone skirting
  4. Chip pocket 8000 x 2340 mm with 2 hydraulic buckets and paddle transmitter for the correct level.
    U-screw for output, manufacturer Mekano Malung.
  5. Chip screw, diameter 200, 6000 mm with break hatch.
    Tube magnet for unauthorized metal in fallout hose.
    Pellet press SPC 450 37 kw with an extra matrix.
    Conveyor belt 2700 x with rotation sensor and alarm controlled. Pellet cooler Geelen with elevator output.
  6. Level sensor and alarm controlled.
  7. Bucket elevator with rotation sensor and alarm controlled.
  8. Vibro shaker for chip separation.
  9. Conveyor belt 30 x 6000 mm with carrier for pellets for bagging machine.
  10. Robot
  11. Lignin container for approx. 1000 kg with openable roof and 2 delivery screws with containers for dosing lignin, frequency controlled + 2 large sacks of lignin.
  12. Chip fan 11 kw with large dust filter with discharge sluice with screw for recycling to chip pocket.
  13. Called alarm system to mobile.
Manufacturer: Sweden
Price: 115000 EUR
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