Second hand planing line WACO ATTACK 9 spindles
Used equipment / Woodworking equipment / Planes and planing lines

Second hand planing line WACO ATTACK 9 spindles – 80m/min

  1. Sack cross conveyor, 4arms. Outside the gateway.
  2. Stack cross conveyor, 4 arms. Inside the gateway.
  3. Tilt hoist for one pack in height. Hydraulic lifting and tilting.
  4. Collecting chute for stick from the pack
  5. Belt conveyor for sticks transport to outside
  6. Unscrambler and even ending screw unit
  7. Piece by piece feeding station
  8. Station for trimming of top end
  9. Even ending rolling case
  10. Piece by piece feeder station before manual grading
  11. Grading station with trimming of ends and buffering before the infeed to the planer
  12. In-feed into the planer
  13. Moulder Waco Attack with 9 spindles U, O, R, L, R, L, O, U, U
  14. Outfeed from the moulder
  15. Kick-off equipment
  16. Buffer table and manual arranging of the bundle
  17. Transferring and in-feeding of bundle to bundling and wrapping
  18. Plastic wrapping rolling unit Harloila PTK 600 MR
  19. Signode Polyester strapping machine
  20. Polywrapping tunnel with in-feed LP machine FKK1 24kW
  21. Out-feed conveyor after polywrapping and strapping
  22. Even end rolllers
  23. Labelling equipment Esonpac from 2014. Individual labelling of each bundle
  24. Assebling of bundles to layer pack
  25. Packing machine for bundles.
  26. Big label printing for whole pack
  27. Stack cross conveyor. 3 arms. Inside the gateway
  28. Stack cross conveyor. 3 arms. Outside the gateway
  29. All hydraulic and electric equipment for running the line.

Price is “on site”. Dismantling and loading on buyers account.

Manufacturer: Forslunds, WACO, Rema Sawcon (Sweden)
Price: 300000 EUR
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